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How to give your toddler your own selection of Netflix choices

We like Netflix streaming, but I hate the fact that Netflix bombards you with crap recommendations whenever you try to find something worth watching with your child.  For example, when Maya (our two year old) watches Kipper (an all-around innocuous and charming show about a dog), Netflix shoves Barney, Elmo and other horrors in her face, the very things we are trying to avoid like the plague.

What I (and lots of other parents) want is a simple way to just select a set of specific videos that are OK for my 2 year-old to watch, without having any other nonsense shoved in her face by Netflix.  Unfortunately, Netflix gives you no way to do that.  So I found my own simple solution: you just create a webpage with the videos you select linked to Netflix standard URL for that movie.  The best way to present this is just to attach the link to a thumbnail image of the movie.  On your viewing device (e.g. iPad) just bookmark your webpage in your web browser.  Viewing this webpage my daughter can then choose for herself, by tapping the image (she can’t read yet, so text won’t cut it), and it fires up the Netflix app straight into watching the selected video.  Here’s my first try at this.

This is dead easy to do, and gives you an easy way to opt-out from the crap they want to bombard your toddler with.  Highly recommended.

Postbot is cool!

Postbot is an app for posting to wordpress from a Google Android phone. I am using it for this post. Hopefully I can post about books I want to recommend more easily this way, without firing up a computer…

Grandstream Budgetone 201 VOIP Phone Setup

I’ve set up a VOIP phone — it just plugs into ethernet.  Gives me a real telephone with zero monthly cost, a real phone number in my area code, and zero cost for receiving and making calls (via Google Voice).  This phone costs $49 at Amazon, and works great with gizmo and Google Voice.  Seems very reliable and has good audio quality.  Here are the settings that work for me, so other people can get going easily — should take about 5 minutes to get everything set up!  Hope this helps you…

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