Picnics in Paris

We just returned from a week’s vacation in Paris.  We rented a small studio apartment and thus ate out only for special occasions.  In the meantime we dined lavishly every meal on delights from boulangeries, charcuterie, cheese shops, wine stores, farmer’s markets, etc.  I’ve posted some pictures here.

We really enjoyed having picnics.  We lived a few blocks away from a nice park (the park by the Sèvres-Babylone metro station), and would just walk there with a bag full of delicacies, a couple baguettes, and a bottle of wine.  Our first picnic we started with

– various charcuterie from Gilles Véron (just around the corner) on fresh baguette as open faced sandwiches: fromage de tête; jambon persillé; pâté de compagne; terrine provençale.

– 2008 Brouilly

– slices of small cucumbers

– Selles-sur-Cher fromage de chêvre on baguette

– Kalamata olives

– “donut” peaches

– fresh cherries

– pain d’épices

We had great fun until they kicked us out of the park at closing time…

On another occasion we cooked at home: to the same basic starters listed above we added quiche aux poirreaux (from Schmid, a shop by the Gare de l’Est), a mushroom omelette, a 2006 Mont Louis, a cheese omelette made with a Emmenthaler-like cheese we brought with us from Sweden, and a dish concocted from fried zucchini, onions and potatoes.

Since we could eat cheaply and well most meals in our apartment, we could approach the few times we ate out as special occasions.  This was a very nice way of doing things in an expensive city like Paris, and I think we’ll do this again in the future.

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