Grandstream Budgetone 201 VOIP Phone Setup

I’ve set up a VOIP phone — it just plugs into ethernet.  Gives me a real telephone with zero monthly cost, a real phone number in my area code, and zero cost for receiving and making calls (via Google Voice).  This phone costs $49 at Amazon, and works great with gizmo and Google Voice.  Seems very reliable and has good audio quality.  Here are the settings that work for me, so other people can get going easily — should take about 5 minutes to get everything set up!  Hope this helps you…


first, on your phone:
– Press menu button, down arrow, menu to see its IP address
Next on your computer, connected to the same network:

– point web browser at the phone by entering its IP number in the URL field
– factory default login is just “admin”

Click the Account tab and enter the following fields:
– SIP server:
– SIP user ID: 1747xxxyyyy (i.e. enter your Gizmo phone number here)
– Authenticate ID: same as SIP user ID
– Authenticate password: enter your Gizmo password here
– local SIP port: 5060
– NAT traversal (STUN): Yes
– Send DTMF: via SIP INFO (only)

vocoders (this is just default…)
1. pcmu
2. pcma
3. g.723.1
4. g729a/b
5. g.726-32
6. iLBC
7. g.722
8. gsm

Click Update to enter these settings.

Click Advanced Settings tab:

Admin Password: choose a new password and enter it here, then don’t forget it!!
STUN server:

Click Update to enter these settings.

Click Basic Settings:

Set your time zone.

Click Update to enter these settings.

Click Reboot to restart the phone with your new settings.  Once the phone reboots, you should see a black square symbol in the upper left corner of the display.  I believe this indicates successful login to Gizmo’s server.

Try calling the Gizmo echo-test number to see that everything is working fine: 1-747-474-3246.


2 responses to “Grandstream Budgetone 201 VOIP Phone Setup

  1. Thanks, these instructions worked for me.

  2. how I can go Advanced Settings for grandstream


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